Service flow


Please let us know the content of your consultation by phone, email, or the inquiry form.



You can come to our office or have an online meeting.We will also provide an estimate.


Accept the request/pay  the deposit

Please pay half of our office fee.


Document preparation/collection of documents

There are documents that our office collects and documents that you need to obtain yourself.


Submission of documents and follow-up after application

We will submit the application to the immigration office with jurisdiction.Please pay the remaining fee after submitting the application.



We will notify the customer on the same day when the results are out from the immigration office.

Price List


  Fee(Tax Included) Remarks
Certificate of Eligibility 99,000~132,000円  
Change of Status 99,000~132,000円 Revenue Stamp 4,000JPY
Extension of Status 55,000円~ Revenue Stamp 4,000JPY


  Fee(Tax Included) Remarks
 Certificate of Eligibility 187,000円~  
Change of Satus 187,000円~ Revenue Stamp 4,000JPY
Extension of Status 55,000円~ Revenue Stamp 4,000JPY


① Comprehensive consulting on all aspects of visa application procedures


② Make a list of required documents


③ Collecting necessary documents from Japanese government offices (city hall, legal affairs bureau, tax bureau)


④ Prepare a set of visa application documents


⑤ Creation of a statement of reasons for application


⑥ Checking and creating various contracts


⑦ Japanese translation of home country documents


⑧ Agency application to the Immigration Bureau             


⑨ Responding to inquiries from immigration inspectors, requests for clarification of circumstances, and additional documents to be submitted


⑩ Receipt of result notification


⑪ Receipt of a residence card at the Immigration Bureau