Corporate establishment support for entering Japan

When establishing a corporation from the home country to advance into Japan, it is necessary to deal with many procedures.


Depending on the region, there is a start-up visa, and you can proceed with your business smoothly in all aspects.


However, it is very difficult to proceed without staff living in Japan, such as finding an office and opening a bank account after incorporation.


Also, from the perspective of crime prevention, it is becoming harder to open a bank account than it was a while ago.


We will do our best to support them.


Back office operation support after business start

From launching a business to hiring people to do back office work such as public relations and accounting, there are times when you want to ask for a little bit of miscellaneous chores and PR.


I will give useful advice to help you as a member


Please use it as a shop of all kinds until you hire a full-time person.


In the case of general advisory contracts, only legal consultations are provided, but our office responds flexibly to a variety of consultations.



Examples of back office operations


  • Accounting/Finance・・・Daily expense reimbursement, budget management
  • General affairs: site management, planning and management of company events
  • Preparation of documents related to proof of facts such as various contracts, articles of incorporation of corporations, rules, minutes, etc. *We can also respond in English.

Examples of actual consultations at our office

can't keep up with my office work…


  • Bookkeeping agency
  • Invoice creation

Japanese expressions are difficult…


  • Translation of documents and emails
  • Exchange agency with business partners

can use the line to ask somothing small matters

  • Family visa consultation
  • Consultation for life troubles



We will quote according to the scale and your request.



Preliminary consultation is free, so please contact us from the inquiry form.