Our office is an administrative scrivener office that specializes in visa (status of residence) applications. 


I have lived in Vietnam, therefor I am familiar with the differences in culture and customs.


Employment of foreign people, the application to the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan etc.  please leave it to our office. 


At cosy atmosphere, you can feel free to contact us even if you have a little trouble.


Are you bothered with such troubles ?

◆Confusing because there are too many types of status of residence


◆Hoping to establish a company in Japan, but not clear what procedures are necessary.


◆There is no one who can entrust everything from foreign employment procedures to living support


Please feel free to contact us !

Reasons for choosing our office

  • We are visa application professionals

An administrative scrivener who specializes in applying for visas and status of residence will handle!

Please leave everything from introducing the most suitable status of residence and establishing a company to hiring.

  • Thorough and careful hearing

At a free preliminary hearing, we will show the possibility of permission, present the risks, and suggest the best method. Interviews at our office, online and business trip consultations are also possible!

  • Order related work together

We will also support the procedures for “company establishment” when applying for a business manager visa, and “loans and subsidies”!

Administrative scriveners will handle everything from reception consultation to after-sales follow-up.


For foreigners who want to work in Japan and companies who want to hire foreigners

We support foreigners who run businesses in Japan!

Other support such as obtaining licenses and establishing a company

There are many types of status of residence in Japan, and they are very complicated. An administrative scrivener can entrust everything from consultation, document preparation to submission!

Only an administrative scrivener who has received the necessary training and qualifications can undertake everything from application to appearance.

You can apply for a status of residence on your own.


However, if you want to save time, if you don't have time, or if the situation is special and difficult to prove, we recommend that you request an administrative scrivener to handle the application.