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We will support companies that want to employ foreigners, from consultation to document preparation and application to the Immigration Bureau.

We provide solid support in cooperation with registration support organizations when hiring foreigners with specific skills!

In order to hire foreigners, it is necessary to go through procedures to obtain a status of residence at the Immigration Bureau and get permission.

When hiring foreigners in Japan, the status of residence that must be obtained is divided into details according to the type of work they will be engaged in.


For example, "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" applies to work such as interpreting, translation, overseas trade, mechanical engineers, programmers, etc.

 “Skills” that chefs and sommeliers take.


There are 29 types of status of residence in total, including non-working statuses.


In addition, the "Specified Skilled Worker", which was created to solve the labor shortage in Japan, can be accepted in 12 fields where the labor shortage is serious.

Common status of residence that allows work

Occupation Type of status of residence

office work

Jobs that require specialized knowledge

Overseas trade business, interpreting, translation Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services
Front desk operations using foreign languages at inns and hotels
sales job
Foreign-specific fields chef of foreign cuisine Skill
sports coach
Employment in a wide range of occupations in a labor shortage industry Specified skill
Company manager/officer Business manager
Nursing field Qualified as a care worker Nursing

Without care worker qualification

Graduated from a nursing care school in your home country or certified as a caregiver by the government of your home country (not qualified as a care worker) EPA
Practical experience in nursing care in your home country, experience in nursing college, etc. Technical training
Passed the Nursing Care Skills Evaluation Test and the Nursing Care Japanese Language Evaluation Test
Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or higher
Or successful completion of Technical Intern Training2
Specified skill

Our office has partnered with a registration support organization and is focusing on applying for a status of residence for "specific skills"!

"Specified skills" can hire foreigners for a wide range of work including unskilled labor.


There are many similarities with the Technical Intern Training Program, but the requirements for specific skills are difficult, and the documents required to be submitted are enormous.


In addition, there are documents to be submitted as reports on a regular basis, and it is said to be a complicated system.

Specific skills can be engaged in the following 12 fields.

  Specific industrial field Work to be engaged in
1 Nursing Physical care, etc. (In addition to assisting with bathing, eating, toileting, etc. according to the physical and mental conditions of the user, support work associated with this (implementation of recreation, assistance with functional training, etc.) *Without home-visit services
2 Building cleaning Cleaning inside buildings
3 3 fields of manufacturing Sokeizai industry ①Casting, ②Forging, ③Die-casting, ④Machining, ⑤Metal stamping, ⑥Factory sheet metal, ⑦Plating, ⑧Aluminum anodizing, ⑨Finishing, ⑩Machine inspection, ⑪Machine maintenance, ⑫Painting, ⑬Welding
Industrial machinery manufacturing industry

① Casting ② Forging ③ Die casting④ Machining

⑤ Metal stamping ⑥ Iron work⑦ Factory sheet metal

⑧ Plating⑨ Finishing ⑩ Machine inspection⑪ Machine maintenance⑫Electronic equipment assembly⑬Electrical device assembly ⑭Printed wiring board manufacturing ⑮Plastic molding ⑯Painting

⑰ Welding ⑱ Industrial packaging

Electrical and electronic information industry

① Machining② Metal press processing ③ Factory sheet metal processing④ Plating⑤ Finishing ⑥Machine maintenance ⑦ Electronic device assembly ⑧ Electrical device assembly ⑨ Printed wiring board manufacturing ⑩ Plastic molding ⑪ Painting ⑫ Welding⑬ Industrial packaging

4 construction Civil engineering Form work, Concrete pumping, Tunnel propulsion work, Construction machine work, Earthwork, Reinforcement work, Scaffolding, Marine civil engineering

Formwork construction, plastering, concrete pumping, roofing, earthwork, reinforcing bar construction, reinforcing bar joints, interior finishing, mounting, scaffolding, building carpentry, building sheet metal, sprayed urethane insulation

Lifeline equipment Telecommunications, piping, construction sheet metal, heat and cold insulation
5 Shipbuilding and marine industry Welding, painting, ironwork, finishing, interior finishing/mounting, machining, electrical equipment assembly
6 Car maintenance Daily inspection and maintenance of automobiles, periodic inspection and maintenance, disassembly maintenance
7 Aviation Aviation ground handling (ground driving support work, baggage/cargo handling work) aircraft maintenance (aircraft, equipment maintenance work, etc.)
8 Lodging Providing lodging services such as front desk, planning/public relations, customer service, and restaurant services
9 Agriculture

Cultivation agriculture in general (cultivation management, collection and shipment of agricultural products, sorting, etc.)

Livestock farming in general (feeding management, collection and shipment of livestock products, sorting, etc.)

10 Fishery Fisheries (1. Production and repair of fishing gear 2. Exploration of aquatic animals and plants 3. Operation of fishing gear and fishing machinery 4. Catching of aquatic animals and plants 5. Processing and storage of fish catch 6. Ensuring safety and health) Aquaculture (1. Production, repair and management of aquaculture materials 2. Raising management of aquaculture animals and plants 3. Harvesting (harvesting) and processing of aquaculture animals and plants 4. Ensuring health and safety)
11 Food and beverage manufacturing industry General food and beverage manufacturing industry (manufacturing and processing of food and beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages), health and safety
12 Restaurant business General restaurant business (food preparation, customer service, store management)

Specified Skilled Worker Ⅰ Requirements for a foreigner

✔Be over 18 years old

✔Those who have passed the skill evaluation test for each industry and the Japanese language proficiency test (equivalent to N4) (Foreigners who have successfully completed Technical Intern Training Ⅱ are exempted)

✔Not staying in Japan for a total of 5 years or more as a specific skill Ⅰ

✔Ability to work under other appropriate conditions

Flow of acceptance of specific skills Ⅰ

When hiring a foreigner already residing in Japan


STEP1 Foreigners pass the exam or complete technical intern training Ⅱ

STEP2 Conclude an employment contract with a specific skilled foreigner

STEP3 Formulate a support plan for foreigners with specific skills

STEP4 Submit an application for permission to change the status of residence to the Regional Immigration Bureau

STEP5 Change status of residence to Specified Skilled Worker Ⅰ

STEP6 Start working


<When inviting foreigners from overseas>


STEP1 Foreigners pass the exam or complete technical intern training Ⅱ

STEP2 Conclude an employment contract with a specific skilled foreigner

STEP3 Formulate a support plan for foreigners with specific skills

STEP4 Submit an application for a Certificate of Eligibility to the Regional Immigration Bureau

STEP5 Receive Certificate of Eligibility → Send to foreigner

STEP6 Receiving a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad

STEP7 Immigration

STEP8 Start working

Only the construction industry and the shipbuilding/marine industry are designated as specific skills Ⅱ

When you become a specific skill Ⅱ

  • No limit on period of stay! (=renewable)
  • Family members are welcome!

The period of stay for Specified Skilled Worker 1 is up to 5 years in total, and it is premised that you will return to Japan, and you cannot bring your family with you.